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Road Rail Equipment
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Road rail equipment is machinery used for the maintenance, construction and cleaning of rail lines and surrounding areas. At Uromac Australia, we stock a wide range of purpose-built UROMAC road rail vehicles and equipment.

Some modular machines also feature multi-purpose machinery suitable for uses in the construction, forestry, agriculture and other industries. UROMAC is a leading global supplier of road rail equipment, producing industrial machinery since the 1940s.

Starting out with forestry and agricultural applications, UROMAC is now partnered with the URO Group and produces machinery for a wide range of vehicles for multi-purpose industrial, construction and military applications. In the 2000s, UROMAC entered the railway sector and began using their extensive experience in industrial machinery to produce rail road machinery and vehicles designed for rail road maintenance, infrastructure construction, shunting, civil engineering applications, forestry, and power and overhead lines.

Why Choose UROMAC?

UROMAC is a unique supplier because they cover the whole pro­cess from design, manufacturing and deli­very according to customer specifications and standards and regulations. They consistently produce quality, reliable, aesthetically pleasing machines with powerful engines.

While many other road rail trucks are transfor­med versions of existing commercial vehicles, UROMAC road rail equipment has been specifica­lly designed, engineered and manu­factured to be fit for purpose. Smart specialist features of UROMAC road rail equipment improve driver safety and visibility while reducing costs and maintenance times for operators.

All UROMAC road rail equipment is adaptable to all track gauges for total flexibility. They feature narrow chassis ideal for railway and tunnel gauges, off-road and track mounting capabilities to get the job done on time.

UROMAC Machines

Uromac Australia is proud to be the authorised dealer of UROMAC in Australia, New Zealand, PNG and Indonesia. We stock three categories of UROMAC road rail equipment, each with a comprehensive collection of machines to choose from: dumpers, maintenance and construction vehicles and multi-purpose road rail machinery. View our brochure or get in touch with our Brisbane showroom to learn more about our road rail vehicles and equipment.

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