The Lacertis range of road rail dumpers, tippers, concrete mixers and brush cutters have been designed in response to diverse customer requirements. This is a new modular machine suitable for multiple applications using one single chassis; ballast transport, concrete mixer, and a brush cutter all-in-one. This is an effective investment as the unit can be utilised year around.

Railway vegetation management can often assume a higher profile in the summer months than during rail corridor construction.


Vegetation growing within the track formation and trees within the safety envelope of overhead structures or sight lines directly impacts on train running and safety.

Effective vegetation management is therefore an essential and vital component of a rail maintenance and construction program. The objectives of vegetation management are to provide for visually pleasing rail corridors and the control of environmental weeds as expected by the community and reduce fire hazards.

A UROMAC LACERTIS VC ROAD-RAIL VEGETATION CONTROL MACHINE has a flail mower and a herbicide sprayer with computer management of the right mix of chemicals.

The swivelling cockpit ensures exceptional visibility and security for the operator and all personnel around the machine.
The vehicle provides supreme off-road traction and a crane for materials handling
Attachments can be quickly changed using a twist lock mechanism
The combination of a single chassis with multiple attachments increases productivity.

Lacertis is the perfect multipurpose road-rail carrier.

LACERTIS 9.0 Concrete Mixer
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