Articulated Site Dumpers are the perfect machine for working on sites thanks to its excellent manoeuvrability. Great off-road performance with maximum stability at full load on slopes and demanding terrains. Equipped with Yanmar engines and Linde hydrostatics for long operation life.


At Forklift Finder Services, we offer specialised rail road vehicles and equipment for maintenance and construction. Take a look at our range of UROMAC G-RAIL and Site Dumper road rail equipment and vehicles below to find purpose-built rail road machinery perfect for your project.

UROMAC Site Dumpers

UROMAC Site Dumpers are motorized by a powerful Yanmar or Deutz engine, dependant on the model. The vehicles can feature from 2,500kgs to 9,000kgs capacity. UROMAC Site Dumpers have a hydrostatic permanent four wheel drive transmission, oil immersed discs, a tight turning circle, a lighting system, and some are available with an optional self-loading shovel.

Dumper VH-2500
Specs: 2500kg Payload; 36 HP engine; Frontal Hopper; Max Speed 20km/h
Dumper Gyranter 2.7
Specs: 2700kg Payload; Rotary 180 degree hopper; 20km/h Max Speed
Dumper Gyranter 4X
Specs: 5000kg Payload; 49 HP engine; 180 Degree Rotary Hopper; Max Speed 25km/h
Dumper Gyranter 9000
Specs: 9000kg Payload; 100 HP engine; 180 degree Rotary Hopper; 25km/h Max Speed

Uromac Lacertis 4WD 9000KG Capacity Articulated Dumper

9 ton dump truck with multiple attachment configurations, supreme off road performance and a 360 degree rotating seat, reduces the numbers of manoeuvres at site. Driver can choose to face load or not, allows for better vision and less fatigue for optimum operator comfort and avoidance of dust. All wheels constantly track and articulated chassis increases manoeuvrability with a low turning radius. User friendly controls, high stability and a strong and fuel-efficient Cummins engine.

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