UROMAC 4X4 vehicles are built specifically for the rail, mining, agriculture, warehousing and freight sectors and boast more than 70 years of experience in design and manufacturing. UROMAC creates diesel forklifts that are known for their robust design and low maintenance costs. A Spanish manufacturer, UROMAC is globally distributed in 100 countries. UROMAC has been approved by NATO, and offers superior quality, while maintaining an operational efficiency with long term reliability.

5 top-performance forklifts in our range

We have lots of amazing forklifts at our disposal; so many that some clients don’t know where to start looking. We’ve listed some of the top 5 you need to know about, if you don’t already.

TEU Forklifts

Lots of research and development went into this series of forklifts TEU’s forklifts are manufactured in China and shipped out to countries like Ireland, Spain and Japan. The have a range of electric, LPG and diesel forklifts that can take on most warehouse jobs, from narrow aisle forklifts to pallet trucks.


If you had set out to especially design a rough terrain compact forklift that would improve your construction site efficiency, assist with events or construct an underground car park, and you added high visibility for the operator and then built it with stylish good looks and strength, you still wouldn’t match the appeal of this of this new Uromac unit soon to be launched in Australia.

The Spanish company Uromac, commenced in 1991 designing heavy duty forklifts. Current activities centre on two versatile products – 4WD site dumpers and 4WD Forklifts. Uromac is recognised as a prestigious brand, specially focussed on the construction sector, but also approved by NATO, and supplier to the Armed Forces.

As the Uromac Dealer for Australia, New Zealand and PNG, we are excited about your opportunities with this great little machine. With 100% parts availability and technical support in Australia and factory backed warranty, quality Deutz diesel and quality European componentry, it can be loaded onto aircraft and easily transportable by road.

Uromac lacertis with articulated tipper

We like the uromac because of its versatility.The Lacertis model is perticular spcial.The articulated tipper allows drivers to shift 9 tonners of dbris the worksite at any time

the chassis of the lacertis allows it to turn into any new machine. clients can simply send the lacertis to the shop for

Crown 20WP2020

Little, powerful and user-friendly. This little guy can lift over 1 tonne of stock and runs on an electric motor. That means less noise and more work because the internal parts last longer.

Toyota TD25 Towing Tractor

People who work in the aircraft/general transport industry know the value of a towing tractor, and Toyota certainly delivers. The tractor can haul over 3 tonnes of cargo but the controls aren’t complicated to operate, thanks to commercial-style steering and transmission.

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