Road-Rail Shunting Machine

Road-Rail Shunting Machine for hauling operation at depots, factory side-tracks and ports.

The articulated chassis provides high stability on track even on reduced radius curves and eases on-track manoeuvre on reduced space. This also ensures continuous stabilisation on the track and a permanent contact on four wheels with the rail.

The pivoting bumper with buffers brings continuous adaptation to track geometry while reducing pulling efforts and therefore the risk of derailment.

And the swivelling cockpit guarantees exceptional visibility thus increasing security for the operator and other personnel around the machine.

High pulling/towing capacity (up to 1500 tons) in both directions.

User friendly controls, high driving visibility and comfort cabin offer the best working conditions and less fatigue for the operator.

Optionally it can be equipped with radio remote control system for one-man operation.

Designed for a long lifetime, price and versatility help customers with reduced budgets to maximise their investments.

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